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Girls' Write Out

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Girls' Write Out!
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Welcome to GWO! This is a community for the literary group Girls' Write Out based in nothern Michigan. We're a members only community of female writers who want to help each other.

Basically we're a sounding board and support group for women writers. We're not shy about how to improve your work, but we are (generally) tactful. Even though this started out as a real close group of friends, we're expanding our presence online a little bit.

1. Stories should be under 7,000 words or should be broken up into fragments smaller than 7,000 words.
2. All stories posted should have breif descriptions and then the stories posted under LJ cuts. You can find detailed instructions on how to LJ cut here.
4. Please indicate which level of discussion you want: basic editing (grammar, punctuation, spelling) to in-depth analysis of character, plot, etc.
5. Be patient! If you have a deadline let us know and we'll do our best, but other than that, please don't push too hard to get them critiqued quickly.
6. Remember to use the quote button when you're refering to something specific in the critique. It's much easier that way for the person who wrote the story to tell what you're talking about. Approximate location within the story would be nice, too.

Other than that, just have fun!