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But I'm pretty sure I won't be making any more GWO meetings for the rest of the semester.

Deth brought up next week's meeting, so she already knows, and I thought I'd go ahead and tell everyone at once.

I've been pondering the idea for a week or so, and I just think it's better this way.

First of all, no one has sent in any creative writing to be critiqued at all this semester, and that was kind of the whole point of starting GWO. Plus, when I sent in my story, no one seemed to interested in critiquing that either. Free-writes just aren't my thing, so for me it seems like there's no real reason to meet if nothing is getting done.

Besides, I usually have Visual Basic programs due Wednesday afternoons, so I've spent the last few meetings doing that anyway.

I guess I'll see most of you next Saturday night instead.

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